Cycle of Recovery

Dean Evans, a graduate and team member at Tom Harrison House, is taking part in a long-distance cycle ride on Sunday 18th February. 


Organised by Audax UK and covering 160km through Cheshire and Shropshire in under 11 hours (and in typically icy English February weather), the event will be a test of skill, endurance and resilience – but we’re sure Dean is just the man for the job. He’s always up for a challenge, evidenced by his dedication even when working with his challenging colleagues every day at THH. 

All proceeds will go to support the work of Tom Harrison House – You can support Dean’s efforts via his JustGiving page.


About the challenge


An Audax ride – known internationally as a Randonnée – is a cycle ride that has to be completed within a set time limit, including any stops to eat or rest. In most cases, riders have to maintain a minimum speed of 15km/h (some particularly long or hilly rides have a slightly lower minimum speed) and importantly a maximum speed of 30km/h. That’s a little under 10mph and 20mph in Imperial measures. Riders are expected to be self-sufficient, navigating for themselves and fixing any mechanical problems along the way.


“A Mere Century”


160km cycling event starting from Lower Whitley, Near Warrington. 

Event Date and Location

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2024 Add Event to my Personal Calendar

Distance: 150 km (160 km) in 10h40

Time: 08:30 to finish by 19:10

Starting from: Lower Whitley, Near Warrington