Tom Harrison House is a specialist facility providing a 12-week addiction recovery programme exclusively to military veterans, reservists, emergency personnel, and their families. In meaningful partnership with other agencies, we provide trauma-informed addiction therapy through a “sensory and wellbeing” model of care, support, therapy and education.

Our philosophy emphasises safety, respect, empowerment, personal integrity, and the healing power of relationships within a community of veterans in recovery. Staff members reinforce these values by providing a structured programme over 7 days each week. Our programme includes personal recovery planning, group work, assignments and reintegration work alongside equine therapy, art, nutrition, physical fitness, yoga and mindfulness.

Education and therapies initiate the changes to behaviour and thinking that are required to develop and sustain a life of abstinence-based recovery. On completion of the primary programme a second stage of continued support is available, providing a stepping stone between primary care and a return to independent living.

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Thomas William Harrison
2nd March 1914 - 25TH June 1990
Tom Harrison is the Grandfather of Paula Gunn, Founder of Tom Harrison House

Tom Harrison served on the HMS Barham, HMS Pembroke, HMS Valiant & HMS Excalibur during World War II 1939-1945.

He saw action at the Battle of Cape Matapan, the bombardment of the Tripoli harbour in 1941, and the invasion of Crete. He was based in Alexandria, Egypt for the remainder of his service. He was awarded the following service medals: Defence Medal African Star adorned with laurel leaf Medal 1939-1945 Star Medal War Medal Medal